Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Treasure Valley: On the Go! photo contest

I am constantly “on the go,” and I bet you are too. Whether you’re taking a vanpool to work, walking your kids to school, zipping around town on a Boise GreenBike, or driving an 18-wheeler, you are using the Treasure Valley’s transportation system.

In the next update to Communities in Motion (Communities in Motion 2040 2.0) we’ll be focusing on how the individual components of our transportation system – roadways, walking and biking, freight, and public transportation -- work together to support the Treasure Valley, and we need your help.

COMPASS wants your photos that show the many ways Treasure Valley residents are “on the go.” We’ll then use your pictures in a 2017 Treasure Valley: On the Go! calendar to help spread the word on how all parts of our transportation system fit together.

So, what do we want you to do? 
  • Take photos of any or all of the four transportation components that will be the focus of Communities in Motion 2040:
    • Roadways
    • Walking and biking
    • Public transportation
    • Freight (rail, trucks, and/or farm freight) 
  • Send them to us any time before July 31, 2016. Use your camera to capture how you are “on the go” during all seasons, from your snowy bike ride in January to your leisurely drive in the convertible in June. 
  • Vote on your favorite photos in September 2016. 
  • Be famous! COMPASS will include the winning photos in its 2017 Treasure Valley: On the Go! photo calendar. 
Be part of the conversation. The Treasure Vallet: On the Go! photo contest and calendar will kick off our discussion with you - Treasure Valley residents - on how you want to see these individual transportation components.

Be creative! Be artistic! Be serious! Be silly! But most of all, be involved!

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COMPASS is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization responsible for transportation planning in Ada and Canyon Counties. The COMPASS Board comprises 39 members representing the cities, counties, highway districts, educational institutions, state agencies, and other entities within the two counties. COMPASS plays an important role in making decisions about future long-range transportation needs in the Treasure Valley, taking into consideration environmental and economic factors that affect the quality of life.