Monday, May 14, 2012

What do you want your town to look like in the future?

Do you see yourself living in the Treasure Valley in the year 2040? What about your children or grandchildren? Do you see them living here?

What do you want for your future, or theirs? This is your chance to have a say; COMPASS is looking for your help in defining what the future of the Treasure Valley should look like.

Your input will help COMPASS select a vision for the future that will be the basis for Communities in Motion 2040, the next regional long-range transportation plan for Ada and Canyon Counties.

To develop a long-range plan, COMPASS first needs to know what type of future it should plan for. To do this, COMPASS is undertaking a year-long process to develop a vision, or “growth scenario,” of what Treasure Valley residents want the valley to look like in the year 2040.

In February and March, through a series of three, day-long workshops, COMPASS worked with over 170 Treasure Valley residents to begin to develop potential future growth scenarios. From that work, we now have four potential growth scenarios that we are looking for your feedback on. 

All four scenarios include a projected population of 1,022,000 people and 466,000 jobs by year 2040. However, each potential scenario is distinct, with different goals and with growth focused in different areas.

Please take a few minutes to learn about the scenarios and submit your comments. There are several opportunities to comment and become involved. A list of these, as well as the opportunity to comment online, can be found on the COMPASS website at (click on “Link to submit comments on Communities in Motion 2040 growth scenarios”).

We’ll be asking you not only which scenario(s) you prefer, but also about the values and issues you care about as we plan for the future. That information will help the COMPASS Board as they deliberate different options and adopt a preferred growth scenario in September.

Public comment is being accepted through Sunday, June 17. Please take a moment to have your say in the future.

Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho

COMPASS is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization responsible for transportation planning in Ada and Canyon Counties. The COMPASS Board comprises 39 members representing the cities, counties, highway districts, educational institutions, state agencies, and other entities within the two counties. COMPASS plays an important role in making decisions about future long-range transportation needs in the Treasure Valley, taking into consideration environmental and economic factors that affect the quality of life.