Monday, December 9, 2013

Photo Challenge a Resounding Success

We asked and you answered.

On November 30, COMPASS wrapped up its year-long “Your Treasure Valley Future Photo Challenge.” We asked you to submit photos representing values, ideals, and “things” you would like to see carried into the year 2040, or even changed for the better, and you responded.

Your photos will be used to illustrate Communities in Motion 2040, the regional long-range transportation plan for Ada and Canyon Counties, as well as outreach materials and other related documents.

Communities in Motion 2040 is nearly complete and is based on a vision for future growth that was developed by you and approved by the COMPASS Board. Key goals of that vision include walkability, preserving farmland, minimizing congestion, increasing transportation options, improving jobs-housing balance, providing better access to parks, and maintaining environmental resources.

That vision was developed through an extensive public input process, but the photo challenge took it the next step. Your photos, and the descriptions of what they represent and why they are important, will be used to illustrate and augment the Communities in Motion 2040 Vision, with words and pictures straight from you.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit photos. The photos themselves and the explanations of them are fun, creative, and thoughtful. They definitely help “tell the story” of our region and where its residents want to see it headed.

Take a few minutes to view the photos and read what the photographers had to say about them on our web page or our Facebook page and watch for them in the Communities in Motion 2040 plan and related materials.

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