Monday, August 5, 2013

What is a leader?

Each year, COMPASS presents its annual Leadership in Motion awards. Nominations for the 2013 awards have just opened; visit to submit your nomination between now and September 26, 2013.

As we’ve been preparing for the 2013 awards, something made me stop and really think about the title of the awards: Leadership in Motion. What does it mean?

First of all, what is “leadership”?

Warren Bennis, pioneer in the field of studying leadership, states that “leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” To me, this captures the essence of leadership. It is not simply about getting something done. Given time, tools, and training, most of us can accomplish even the most complex tasks, but that doesn’t necessarily make us leaders. Anyone can get something done; a leader inspires others to accomplish something visionary.

Second, what do we mean by “Leadership in Motion”? While “in motion” is obviously taken from the title of our long-range transportation plan (Communities in Motion), to me it also signifies that aspect of leadership that is truly “in motion” – striving to be better and not content to be stagnant or rest of the laurels of what has been done.

As you consider what people or which projects to nominate for the 2013 Leadership in Motion awards, think about what being a “leader” who is “in motion” actually means. Consider who, or what, truly fulfills the meanings of those words. Then, take a moment to submit your nominations. Learn more about award categories and submit your nomination online at

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