Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Communities in Motion: Why Do You Care? Part VII

This is my seventh installment in the series of blogs about why people care, or should care, about long-range transportation planning in general and Communities in Motion in particular.

We have been asking people – Treasure Valley residents, such as you  –  this question. I have committed to sharing those reasons with you each quarter in my blog. Below is the newest list. 

Why people care about Communities in Motion 2040, as submitted by you:

·         So when you’re walking down the sidewalk you don’t step on a crack and break your mother’s back!
·         Because if we don’t plan, someone else will make the decisions for us.
·         Believe it or not, today’s roads haven’t always been there. Someone had to plan for them. Now it’s our turn.
·         When gas prices go up (and they will!), what will you do?
·         Idaho ranks last in income and first in people with second jobs. Let’s plan so our economic future is brighter.
·         Because they don’t make SPF 5,000 sunblock!
·         My wife said, “let’s go out… and take me to someplace expensive.” So, I took her to the gas station.
·         Because when I turn 85, I want the ambulance to be able to get to me!
·         Have you ever waited for the bus that didn't come? Let’s fix that!

To share why you think Communities in Motion 2040 is important and why people should get involved ― why you care ― email and we’ll post your ideas here. The next installment will be posted the beginning of October. 

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